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A veteran of the Nordic electronic scene, Cid Inc established his stellar position after years of playing exciting DJ sets, performing skillful mastering jobs for the revered legends and dabbling in experimental production. His material invokes the cool groove of house and techno, refined with sublime progressive melodies and the same could be said for his sets. To demonstrate it more clearly, here’s an excerpt from the interview:

How would you describe the scene in Finland? It seems that a lot of underground music that originates there has dark and melancholic overtones, like Mono Junk, or Morphology. Would you agree on that? Do you ever draw your inspiration from the nature of your homeland?

I’m a bit biased about the scene here, for the type of music I play it’s not that good actually and this means that I only play around 2-3 times a year here.

I totally agree with the melancholic nature of music that is coming from here, the same applies to Sweden and Norway. I reckon it’s the dark and long winter that does that =) I love melancholic sounds, just something that gets me shivers all the time. Obviously the long and dark winters, snow, the beautiful summers of the north has a big role in my inspiration, but also every day life, travels and gigs also.

The flavors of your music range from progressive and techno sounds to the engaging pulsing of trance! How did these streams of music become a part of your style and how do they reflect your character?

I’ve gone through many genres during the years before settling down with progressive sounds with my productions in the beginning of the millenia. I’ve never been stuck into just one genre, there’s been so much good music around and still is. I just play music that speaks to me, genre doesn’t matter really. But those genres you mentioned have had the biggest impact on me no doubt, and I guess it can still be heard in my sets and productions. I’m quite a positive person, but all those melancholic moments just hits the right spot, I guess it keeps me in balance!

Share with us the general idea behind the podcast! What is the silver line that connects the tracks, which genres does it present and what kind of emotions it’s supposed to invoke in the listener?

The idea behind the podcast was simply to showcase music that I really like at the moment, melodic and beautiful music including some deeper tones of progressive, tech and techno.

01. Khen – Pareidolia [Bedrock]
02. Robert Babicz – Where Are You (Aparde Remix)
03. Sebastien Leger – Love Star [Sudbeat Music]
04. ID – ID
05. Black 8 & Arrab – Papyrus [Hope Recordings]
06. Emmanuel Top – Mars (The Wash 2017 Edit)
07. Stereo Underground – Glacier Meadows [Lost & Found]
08. Matter & Universal Harmonics – Acacia (GMJ Wisdom Of The Ages Mix) [PHW Elements]
09. ID – ID

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