PREMIERE: Placid One – Analog Escape


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A young Belgian author Placid One (Maximilien Vincent) doesn’t shy from the genre interplay – in the last couple of years he produced a plethora of captivating tracks ranging from the retro/acid, deep and minimal styles of club music to the jungle groove and diverse broken beats. Today we’ll have a taste of his upcoming EP “B4You”, coming out on the Slovenian label Soundhitectures – it delivers a vision of breakbeat for the new millennium, yet it’s bountifully colored with the warm and dusty sound of times past.

Speaking of Soundhitectures – it’s an uncompromising platform covering the most diverse areas of electronic sound, with a focus on it’s innovative styles. As they like to say, they think about electronic music “a living organism, always changing and figuring itself out along the way”. They managed to give us a pleasant surprise with the “Organ Hell” EP, composed by the synth magician Jan Nemeček, while their discography contains treasures by authors such as Evident, Paoli, Timo Chinala and other visionaries of the underground. regardless of genre, almost always one can scent IDM elements developed from the 90’s school of advanced electronics. “Analog Escape” is no exception:

The track opens with a broken beat ornated with crispy hihats almost glitching away, and its painted over with wide brushstrokes of warm synth pads that dissolve anxiety. A calm pitched-down vocal delivers a supernatural impact, paired with melodies emerging from the benevolent areas of The Twilight Zone. Despite the fact the track transcends the 4×4 framework, there’s no violent dissolving of the song structure. This is a quite delightful piece for a rainy day reverie, but also for the dancefloor action: while the robots in the rhythm-box activate the limbs of the dancers with their cybernetic jazz, a mellow analog buzz spreads it’s abstract poetry through the ether.

EP “B4 You” coming out 27th of February on Soundhitectures.

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