PREMIERE: Mlinar – Crossing The Sea


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Mlinar from Munchen developed his obession with club sounds already at the end of the 90’s, yet he’s not nostalgic, but focused on the contemporary deep/minimal/tech currents. His DJ-ing craft was polished in the best clubs of his hometown, but also throughout Europe, including the Adriatic Coast. We believe those experiences influenced the EP “Crossing The Sea” – have a listen!

A pure, finely tuned groove delineates the atmosphere, interwoven with psychedelic whisperings. The rhythm subtly invites additional elements to the arrangement, forming a clockwork that will animate your joints, greased with velvet melodies softly amerging from the background. It’s obvious that the author pulled his inspiration from his experiences at the coast, as the pulsating melodies and hypnotic mood smell of summer, especially of those sweet moments while entering the delirium.

Just for that occasion, the middle of the track opens a soft breakdown, that’s burning slow and preparing one’s body & soul for a fresh burst of adrenaline. Yet, it’s far from a vulgar manipulation, but a matter of skillful play with tension, which Mlinar uses to gain intimacy with the dancefloor, juggling with refinement and euphoria.

The EP contains the original mix of the track and remixes by Cameron Thias and Tale Cooper. It will be out March 13th, courtesy of The Purr Music.

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