PREMIERE: Yigit Atilla – The Beginning


#House #Deep #Progressive

A deep house producer from Istanbul, Yigit Atilla developed a quite unique and out-of-the-box style: his compositions are brimming with emotions, while their complex structures speak detailed narratives woven with captivating, unusual melodies. With releases for Confused Man Records, UM Records, Ready Mix Records, Deep Click, Submarine Vibes and many others, he developed a subtle and poetic touch that is gentle in aesthetic, yet courageous in approach to deconstructing and reconstructing of the essence of deep music.

Today, we explore his track “The Beginning” from the upcoming eponymous EP on the aptly named label – Magician On Duty. The liner notes reveal the magic: “I dreamed of counting the galaxies / Though the skies be too dark for dim eyes to discover / Though the hills be held shadows, and the sea a dark wonder / The void shall not weary, the fear shall not alter.”

With the spectral ticking from the music box, the track opens gently. Gentle strummings and soft kick set the scene, while the eerie atmospherics shimmer in the background. When the subtle house groove finally forms, melodies start to bloom in a lyrical dedication to the times past. Elements of classical music provide a cinematic feel to the arrangement, with the dramatic element softly polished and all the unnecessary pathos eliminated from the plot. Quite a secret weapon to engage the dancefloor in a serious and intense narrative.

There’s another velvet gem on the EP, another original track with a revealing title: “Missing”. EP “The Beginning” is about to be released March 21st, courtesy of Magician On Duty. Pre-order HERE.

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