PREMIERE: Fractal Architect – Mechanista (Dan Baber’s Wild Things Remix)


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As his very name suggests, UK producer Fractal Architect draws his inspiration from the spiritual aesthetic practiced by the adepts of psytrance and New Age sounds. Even though his discography contains plenty of material reflecting these styles, his output is much more diverse and tends to blend different streams of music, including progresssive and dubstep, but also classical music and ambiental soundtrack pieces. With over ten years into production, he got skills and artistic signature through self-education.

For the next release, he’s about to deliver the “Cascade” EP on WOOD, a label with a developed taste for darker styles of underground dance music. All his influences are combined in a colorful cocktail of psychoactive sounds designed for opening the higher states of consciousness, but well-measured for some hedonistic action, too. Here one will find Three original tracks and their remixes by Fec, Th Moy and Dan Baber, whose version of “Mechanista” you’re just about to hear. Dan is a quite modest Australian guy who just likes to create music and he describes his style as “digital organic minimal techno”. Have a listen and reveal the essence behind this term:

A decisive rhythm sets the tempo, while the tropical electronic swamp bleeps and gurgles in the background in a somewhat alien manner. A fat deep techno pad lays a foundation that connects to the more conventional forms of dance music, but the unruly sounds emerging from the arrangement invoke a creepy sci-fi / biotech movie atmosphere. Halfway through the track the setting slightly changes, this time painted by the distant chimes of a music box. Though the linear and unstoppable techno beat keeps the intensity of the track rather homogenized, its dynamics are achieved through the psychedelic elements, whose endearing bizarreness will enchant the ones keen on chemical enhancers of reality. This is the track you need when your sets craves for some mistique and your audience for a taste of the Twilight Zone.

The original mix of this track is somewhat nearer to the deep/progressive aesthetic, yet it’s equally interwoven with psy motifs. Among the original mixes, there’s also “Enlightement“, driven by a soft and funky bassline washed in a lounge arrangement and spiced with crystal New Age acoustics, while the title track “Cascade” delivers some progressive elements propelled by and exotic tribal rhythm. This track was remixed by Fec who managed to inject a dose of sacral atmosphere, while Th Moy’s vision of “Enilghtment” brings a relaxed deep experience peppered with a “pricky” synth sequence that brings back the 90’s.

EP “Cascade” is about to be released exclusively on Beatport March 27th, courtesy of WOOD label. This release will also be available April 24th in all the other digital stores.

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