PREMIERE: Lessovsky & Max Vertigo – Mistakes (Cliff De Zoete Remix)


#House #Deep #Nu Disco #Nu Soul

Ukrainian producer Lessovsky was raised on a steady diet of cosmic sounds by Jean-Michel Jarre and the cult french electro/disco band Space, while his contemporary productions reflect the finely tuned deep house aesthetics combined with velvet funk and nu soul elements, decorated with melancholic melodies. His career started around 2004. but only throughout 2013. a more serious period of creativity ensued, with frequent tours using his current stage name. He’s just about to release a fresh EP on Submarine Vibes, caled “Mistakes“, while the vocal duties were taken by Max Vertigo. This talented Russian singer and producer already contributed to many tracks by disco house producers such as Diggo & Dizza, Aytac Kart or Dance Bridge, while his characteristic signature seal is engraved deeply in the title track of this release. Today we listen to a version of this cut remixed by the melodic techno producer from Netherlands, Cliff De Zoete:

Soft and juicy disco kick sets the scene, just to slide into the deep house zone. A fat analog bassline will take over the deeper registers of the PA, all the while providing a soft cushion to massage your hips on the dancefloor. A pulsating synth triplet uses will hook you in and drive you towards the emotional vocals soaring, soaring to spill over with emotion. To circumvent the dramatics, De Zoete treats the vocals with some strategic cuts and processing, giving them a slightly psychedelic feel, not without humor. The twirling of these vocal samples adds to the funkiness of the track, also providing the balance when contrasted with the increasingly emotional melody. A crystalline track that will stand out in the set with its complex narrative, psychoactive basses and captivating harmonic hooks.

The original mix seems to be more on the poppy side, with a potential for hitting the charts, which can also be said for the somewhat darker, yet slick exercise in deep funk, named “The Stranger“. MockBeat takes the track deeper underground, laying the focus on a strange rhythm, but seasoned with the irresistible “music box” melodies.

EP “Mistakes” is about to be released April 3rd on Submarine Vibes. Pre-order it HERE.

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