PREMIERE: Altan V – River (Onur Diner Remix)


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It seems that Altan V, a relatively unknown producer from Istanbul, hides many surprises up his sleeve. Till now, he has put out only two releases: “Nikon” for Istanbul Records and “Lavinia” EP for Mioli Music, where he collaborated with Mehmet Özbek. Despite the scarcity of his output, it’s quite obvious that we speak of a genuine talent, expressing himself with a blend of deep house aesthetics with a finely woven oriental atmosphere. The exquisite cuts he produced carry a strength not only in their clubbing potential, but also in the poetry they emit.

Today we have a pleasure to introduce you to his upcoming EP “River” on Gentlemen Lounge Records, or to be more precise – to present you the remix of the title track by Onur Diner. He belongs to the circle of the magic Istanbul artists, too! We had a chance to experience his spell in one of the most enchanting Klubikon Podcasts of 2016. Therefore, it’s a most appropriate combination of two visionary artists, playfully developing a narrative out of sensual downtempo grooves and investing them with the irresistible soul of the mythical East.

The gentle opening pads set a soothing background for the psychedelic melancholy that’s about to grab you with the pulsating melody  and soft, shimmering percussion. The way the theme oscillates is quite organic and emotional, so it’s hard not to give in to its capturing charm. It’s a pleasure just to envision the dancefloor, with the slowly moving bodies seducing each other in an otherwordly trance. The narrative is developed through softly transitioning passages, and just like the name suggests – the track ebbs and flows with the steady calm of eternal water. It’s a piece well suited for the endings of parties, or even better – the intoxicating and levitating after-party sets, where the dancers look for the surreal and the sublime.

The other variations on the track are not that far off from this one – the original mix is a bit more uptempo with its pulsating kick, while Two-S remix highlighted the psychedelic aspect and Daniel Ray laid the theme in the beautiful deep realms. All of them earned their places in the inspirational, enchanted sets, hazy with the incense and abound with transcendental melodies.

The EP “River” is about to be released April 10th on Gentlemen Lounge. Grab it in all the better digital stores!

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