PREMIERE: Verset Zero – Lux (Blush Response Remix)


A ritual of apparitions among the industrial ruins, marching to the tribal drum.

It’s been only a couple of years since French author Verset Zero stepped into the industrial techno scene, yet it seems that he’s persistent, intense and original enough to become one of its new protagonists and rejuvenators. His background lays in the murky and mystical spheres of black metal, and it could be said that his homeland France gave this genre some of its most spiritual and avantgarde artists, like the infamous Les Légions Noires (The Black Legions) or Deathspell Omega, a surreal band influenced by the infamous writer Georges Bataille. Even though Verset Zero delves in techno and not metal (per se), it’s obvious that the atmosphere he invokes relies on the occult powers brought out from the recesses buried deep in the subconscious mind. Even the name of his project hints at this methodology, as it supposedly refers to “The secret verse of the Holy Bible“.

Mixing metal with techno has always been a touchy subject, as the authors who approached this crossover technique almost always seemed to emphasize the most boring and clichéd aspects of both genres. Thankfully, this is not the case with Verset Zero, who tends to focus on the industrial elements of techno, while referencing metal only in the occult feeling that evaporates from his creation (and the occasional screaming vocals). Also, it’s quite obvious that his latest releases, like “Sacrificium” EP for AMOK Tapes or “Proditor“, his contribution for the “Meatsteel 4.4/6 SUB.D60″ compilation, expose a more mature and cold-blooded approach – dignified in its somber attitude and refined in composition. His earlier work shouldn’t be downplayed, but it’s a direction most welcome.

The upcoming EP “Consilium” is quite a lengthy release, with three original tracks and three remixes, by three masters of sublime and menacing industrial / EBM sound: Huren, Violet Poison and Blush Response. Today we have the pleasure to present you with the track “Lux“, as re-imagined by Blush Response, one of the most imaginative contemporary authors of abrasive techno / body music, and the result brings out the blistering qualities of both authors:

Soaked in distortion, the track marches along the pummeling kick, powered by the sinister pulsating sequence. From the background, an eerie ambience emerges, suggesting a ritual of apparitions taking place among the industrial ruins. As the razor slits your eardrums, the raw sequence evolves in modulation, bursting with electricity. Suddenly, the spectral chant takes a central place and the phantom horse neigh tears through the scene, causing a havoc spilling out from the speakers. The tribal drums take on the tension and inject the dancefloor with a fresh dose of energy, bringing the ceremony to its conclusion.

The original track is quite a different affair. First it sets the scene with a rather long and tasteful dark ambient intro, then it picks up in a heavy and slow industrial dirge, seasoned with a catchy, yet dislocated melody. The other two original tracks are also a treat: “Grex Perditus“, done in collaboration with Lady Marie Of The Infinite Spiral, presents a truly engaging blend of ritual and techno music, emblazoned with a blasphemous vocal litany in black metal style, while the broken beat of “Suplicium“, combined with the whirling atonal melody and the somber funeral theme is about to provide some serious pleasure to the ones who prefer dressing in black. Violet Poison injected “Grex Perditus” with a poisonous dose of irresistibly dancable EBM and Huren bludgeoned “Suplicium” with his proverbially charming industrial cynicism. A worthy conclusion to a well-rounded release, which is a collection of exquisite club weapons as much as it’s a soundtrack for a solitary ride into the underworld.

The EP “Consiluium” is about to be released 13th of April on Tripalium Records, on vinyl and in digital formats. Secure your copy HERE.

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