PREMIERE: PHCK – Seed Of The Ramón Tree


A sparkling progressive ode to the pre-industrial humanity.

A truly intriguing German project PHCK started in 2013. as a collaboration of a classical musician Paul Hoffer and the DJ Christopher Kusterer. A year later, they surfaced officially on the scene, playing live at the Ozon club in Pforzheim. Their main asset is combining the electronic dance elements with organic piano and violin parts, while they draw their inspiration from the “creative dark cosmos” of Schwarzwald (The Black Forest), an enchanting mountain range of the southeast Germany. It seems they’ve truly found their calling, for they have recently released some quite inspiring releases on labels like Chapter 24, Manual Music and Connoisseur Recordings (the track “Aeris” peaked at #11 in Beatport charts). Also, they’ve been joined by Stefan Kling, a singer and a music teacher, whose experience and skills are sure to enrich the further development of their sound.

Despite their European fairytale surroundings, this time PHCK delved into the esoteric mythos of South America, searching for the essence of a lost empire. The EP is aptly called “The Mayan” and it’s about to be released on Submarine Vibes, a Sarajevo based label with a great taste in deep/prog styles. Today, we’re about to immerse in the story of the “Seed Of The Ramon Tree“, planted and nurtured by the Maya civilization as the source of their daily bread.

The track opens with the highly contrasted clockwork of a juicy thumping kick and a crisp hi-hat, jacking you in quite instantly. There’s some eerie shimmering in the background, laying the foundation for the warm, velvet melody emerging to the center of the stage. A sunny landscape is being painted with a pulsating progressive sequence, underlined with buzzing sweeps of a tasteful bassline. The twinkling synths invoke the visions of morning dew glimmer, harkening back to the joys of a pre-industrial humanity. That’s the vibe one is about to encounter on the floor while this track is being mixed in, while it’s also recommended to have it on your home stereo while taking a break from the grit of mundane activities.

It’s only natural you can feel the same vibe on the rest of the release: “The Storms Of Yucatan” is somewhat darker, yet propelled by an inspiring tribal groove, “The Blue-Green Water of Yaxha” is quite deep, hypnotic and decorated with a beautiful arrangement, while “The Orange Tree Of Naranjo” brings in some South-American variety of ethno-funk. Also, it could be said that each of the tracks represents one of the four primal elements (Wind, Earth, Water and Fire) – this could be just a speculation, but the intention seems to be there, even if subconscious.

The EP “Mayan” is about to be released April 17th, courtesy of Submarine Vibes. Grab it in all the better digital stores!

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