Klubikon Podcast 112 – Verset Zero


French artist Verset Zero proves that industrial techno and EBM are not just vessels for substance abuse, but are potent for delivering actual substance that reaches far beyond the dancefloor. After a somber intro by the pioneers of industrial sound prepares the ground, he assaults us with a barrage of intriguing broken rhythms, occult arrangements and genuine anger. An esoteric voyage through the paths less traveled.

#Techno #Industrial #EBM #Noise

01. Coil & Boyd Rice – His Body was a playground for the Nazi Elite
02. Burzum – Dunkelheit (Verset Zero Noisy Bass live rework)
03. German Army – Moshoeshoe
04. Tribe of Neurot – The Last You’ll Know
05. Verset Zero – In Terris Inferos (Live excusivity)
06. Verset Zero – Vir Sanctus (Live rework)
07. Verset Zero – Inmundus (Live rework)
08. Verset Zero – Turbatus (Live rework)
09. Verset Zero – Umbra (Live excusivity)
10. Verset Zero – Poenitentiam (Live rework)
11. Verset Zero feat. Lady Marie of The Infinite Spiral – Grex Perditus (Live rework)
12. Verset Zero – Nazareth (Live exclusivity)
13. Verset Zero – Crŭcĭārĭus (Live exclusivity)
14. Verset Zero – Nigrum (Live exclusivity)
15. Verset Zero – Crŭcĭo
16. Doseo – Very Long & Very Complicated Track Name
17. Trepaneringsritualen – Castrate Christ
19. The Body – Alone all the Way

Read Verset Zero interview in Croatian HERE.

Verset Zero [SC | FB]