VIDEO: Borgie & malbeku – Mythology In Numbers


#Adriatiko/Psihometron #Techno #Dub #Downtempo #Ambiental

Two artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina – Borgie, master of electro and malbeku, a vocal prodigy – joined their visions to bring out an innovative and challenging take on techno, employing underwater sonic arrangements, dub reverberations and velvet vocal lines paired with entrancing downtempo rhythms. A clash between our rational, materialistic side and the esoteric leanings of the soul. About to be released July 1st on the “Mythology In Numbers” EP, courtesy of Psihometron.

Read the full feature in Croatian HERE.

Adriatiko / Psihometron [SC | BC | FB]
Borgie [SC | FB]
melbeku [SC]