PREMIERE: Dangerous Minds – VA – Kontaminacija


Predominantly dark and industrial techno compilation with a pulsating 4/4 rhythm!

Record label from Montenegro, Dangerous Minds prepared its first various artist compilation named “Kontaminacija” (Contamination) to celebrate their one year anniversary of existence. The label has published seven EPs which include works of TKNO, Forest People and Avoid, while we had the opportunity to meet TZ project, the owner of the label, with the original mix of “Requiem” and its remix by XHEI.

First edition of their VA compilation features Marla Singer, Mikadroid, Monosaccharide, H. Paul, Bojan Vukmirovic, Drop-E, Casual Treatment, Ana Rs, Perceptor, Dale NVLS, Neglëk and the aforementioned label owner. “Kontaminacija” showcases predominantly dark, industrial techno sound in a four-to-the-floor pulsating rhythm.

“Locate your place in a coordinated system of confusion.” This sentence perfectly describes trippy Berlin techno “Usual Geometry” produced by the french artist Marla Singer.

Tracks with insane amounts of energy are the trademark of Vojvodinian fellow Mikadroid from Novi Sad, while the motifs of industry, Planetary Assault Systems and a slight layer of paranoia are thoroughly embedded throughout the “Where Are You ?”.

For “Under Unusual Circumstances”, Belgrade duo Monosaccharide prepared a very good dosage of psychosis that dominates the sound waves through unpredictable surges of energy.

After the collaboration with the french producer Casual Treatment for the “Rekvijem” EP, TZ Project delivers heavy industrial pummeling in “Tebi”, which periodically gets carried away by the hypnotising synth.

Spaniard H. Paul changes the structural integrity of the “Medicine Musical” switching from its flexible to plastic state, making it go from rough to rubber and still containing the mid level of energy.

Urban tribal rhythm sanded with noise in Bojan Vukmirovic’s “French Bulldogs Explode In Aeroplanes” depicts the sound of Belgrade techno crew Concrete DJz in full – a nice, hard ride.

“Lord of Light” by Spaniard Drop-E reminds of a harmonious play between the futurism of Jeff Mills and subliminality of Luke Slater.

French producer Casual Treatment allowed a breathable communication between the elements of the “Flor”, so he could twist and turn basic rhythm as he pleases and make you notice this well produced track.

Ana Rs did a proper Len Faki / Johannes Heil techno. Repetitive Figure synth in combination with a powerful groove makes “Instead Me” a good choice for the dancefloor.

At the border between techno and tech sound lies Perceptor’s “Eufrat” which positions the evolution of the main melody as the tracks core which invites the audience to enter their subconsciousness.

Dale NVSL created a dark funky techno “Basic Operation” embroidered with breathy vocals and flexible melody.

“Learner” by Neglëk from Spain is driven with a bubbly melody that expands and bursts rapidly, leaving a lasting trace behind it.

Early support was given by The Advent who scored the compilation a perfect 10 with the words of praise for TZ Project and H. Paul, which you can buy with the rest of the compilation HERE on June the 28th.

Read the feature in Serbian HERE.