PREMIERE: Apollo’s Messengers – Helium


The new EP by the 19 year old Spaniard Hugo, better known as Apollo’s Messengers whose production we have had the chance to witness in the tracks “Denor” i “Road to Jelly Bean”, is to be released under the Spanish label Anagrama Music, focused on melodic and a darker techno sound.

The four tracker EP “Air”, contains “Nitrogen”, “Oxygen”, “Argon” and “Helium”. The most immanent elements in the atmosphere. In an excited state, they just pulse to acidic basslines, with an agitated beat. They go from an excited state to a dancing state.

We’re proud to present “Helium”, a melodic and evolving track, with traces of techno banging, basslines and bass to evoke dancefloor aggressiveness, slightly atmospheric pads that add moodier areas alongside heartfelt melodies, and groovy percussions with classic techno hats will certainly make the listener dance.

EP “Air” will be released 4th December under Anagrama Music.

Apollo’s Messengers [SC | FB]
Anagrama Music [SC | FB]