EKDK, a duo formed by the brothers Enrique and David from Madrid, presents their new EP “African Shoebill” to be released under the new Italian label Disorder. This is their story:

“An 80000 km journey, two ripped up summers, circle ritual dances around Antartica; ancient survival rites, the miracle that hatches out after winter, an accurate glare that pierces the solid darkness, the fertile intimacy, the deep love that finds its way in a shapeless world, the birth, life stating its order in the face of entropy, the shine of a smile: EKDK.”

We present you a darker and somewhat melancholic deep house track “Pinguino” from their new EP, which takes you on a journey with a dark atmosphere, melancholic arps, which progressively evolve into happiness, with and underlying organic percussion and other elements that evoke an arctic chilly vibe. Even with a low bpm the groove will keep you moving.

“Icy ocean flows, the heat of morning mists into which rivers run, the smell of land’s deep sound and the caress of rain that makes the desert lose its brightness. Endless sunsets, thousands of dawns, hundreds of hard, coarse countenances, ephemeral breezes pretending not to reach any place, yet exploring them all. The burst of colors that precedes the blooming of life: EKDK.”

The EP also includes two remixes, whilst Astrea was in charge of “Pinguino”, Luis Leon worked on “African Shoebill”. The EP release is scheduled for January 26 under the label Disorder, grab your copy HERE.

Featured in Croatian HERE.

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