The English producer Richard Smith has been present on the scene for a while and what stimulates him to make music is his passion to create art, the constant desire to make something, the endless dissatisfaction of completion.

This Brighton-based producer has been working on his project L/F/D/M (Love’s Flaccid Disco Muscle) since 2013, while releasing on Optimo Trax, Ecstatic, Sativae Recordings, Cititrax and Clan Destine Records.

He works to the idea of people getting lost in rhythm, people tripping up, always trying and working towards disorientation, since he loves the contrast of people locked in rhythms who suddenly slip and realise.

L/F/D/M announces a seven-track new EP “Associated Buildings” on the Tripalium Corp label, more precisely on their Digital Mutant Series, where he’ll present a dirty bunch of noise, techno, house, acid and electro that are found in the the grey area as seven associated buildings for turbulent dancefloors.

The names of the tracks are completely arbitrary, just as the name of the track “W” we’re presenting: “the initial word disappears and the shape remains and the shape then embodies the track.”

“Associated Buildings” is to be released under the label Tripalium Corp on 2nd February, and will be available on their Bandcamp, where you can get the digital release as well as 40 limited edition high quality cassettes.

Featured in Croatia HERE.

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