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Not many can brag with having contributed to the Croatian scene as the Zagreb veteran Sergej Lugović. A professor with a PhD in music and technology, known to the audience as Sergej Snooze since 2012, the founder of now legendary clubs such as Sirup and Porat (the foundation for today’s Barbarella’s Discotheque). He’s the founder of the label Home Made Electronica that used to publish predominantly music by Croatian producers, but also his music and the music of good friend, multitalented and unpredictable Marijo Franić, known under the alias FM, who released under the labels Adriatiko Recordings, Diggarama, Medical Records and Bondage, and under one occasion gave us the track “3343” for free download. It is the two of them who are the authors of 125th Klubikon Podcast that you’re listening to, and what follows is the story behind it:

Written by Sergej Lugović and Marijo Franić

This mix has been recorded on a Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoons are probably the most important afternoons of the week as they define how the new week will begin. We relax both physically and mentally, and hang out with those who are close to us. We think that people should hang out more while eating. Because if you eat on a Sunday, that means you didn’t go over the top on a Saturday. Usually, there are no obligations on Sundays, that’s why we have time for ourselves and our dearest. Facing ourselves. Challenge? Effort? Peace? No matter, it’s better to face ourselves than the Boogeyman. Well, now when the setting is here (the food, friends, good mood), the only thing missing for a full experience is music. Well, that’s another dimension of Sunday afternoons. Just dancing sounds like a good alternative to lying on a sofa in front of the TV, doesn’t it? Well, now that we have the setting and the music, what else is holding us back? Physical space is holding us back, as we can’t invite all of our friends to our place. Because of space and availability. This is when modern technology comes in. Instagram, for example. Well, we had a great meal, hung out, mixed and turned on Instagram live. A fantastic experience. Happiness in its full meaning. We dance, mix and type (this is an important activity in today’s civilization, and leaving it out can disrupt social unity) – and what’s more we also stream on Instagram Live and wave to our audience. Literally wave to our friends. Like – what’s up, giving air fives, and of course a bunch of hearts and smilies :-). It’s just that the person is somewhere out there in the digital world. But what matters, regardless of the real and digital world is music, that’s not familiar with the boundaries of these two worlds, and it exists with just the impression, experience, emotions, happiness and joy that it brings. This is where it stays, not as a file but as a momentary experience, which is to be saved for later comebacks according to its intensity.

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