PREMIERE: Markantonio, Atroxx – Give Me


The new release on Markantonio’s label AnalyticTrail is a three track techno EP and a collaboration between the label boss himself and Atroxx.

Markantonio is one of leading figures in the Italian music scene and along with releases on his own labels, his back catalogue also includes the likes of Sleaze (UK), Drumcode, Harthouse and Brood Audio.

Based in Naples he started his DJ career at just 15 years old and quickly rose to fame in his local city that then became a spring board to a global stage. Following this DJ success, his early productions quickly became popular with taste makers like Paco Osuna, plus The Advent, and from there his fanbase continued to grow.

Now a veteran of the techno genre with nearly two decades of music behind him, this “Octave Shift” EP is a showcase example of why Markantonio has maintained his cutting edge status.

Working in collaboration with Markantonio is Canadian artist Atroxx, who himself is no stranger to techno with previous cuts on Unity Records, Phobiq and AnalyticTrail.

We now present you track “Give Me”, sticking with the dancefloor focus is second on the “Octave Shift” EP with a dark atmosphere lead by a thundering kick drum and claps that are full of impact. With haunting vocals adding to the tension, it’s the arpeggiating lead synth that provides the driving force.

“Octave Shift” EP is coming out 21st May under the label AnalyticTrail, you can grab it HERE.