PREMIERE: Max Wolf – Volair


Coming from Australia, Max Wolf released his self-titled debut EP in 2015. For most part a studio recluse, he has performed live shows in Melbourne and Sydney, remixed tracks for other artists and has gathered fans along the way in Australia and Europe.

For the past year or so Wolf has been studio bound creating new directions for his follow-up EP, ‘VolairĀ + Remixes’ . In a shift from his debut, he has developed a sound that draws on frenchified funk, disco strings and big beats.

Featuring five new tracks, ‘Volair + Remixes’ EP blends electronic sounds with live instrumentation and continues the Max Wolf manifesto of creating tracks that evolve from a collision of digital and analogue sounds. Pursuing the bassline theory for energy and drive with synths and strings for colour and texture, the ‘Volair + Remixes’ EP takes you on a ride over a vibrant soundscape.

We present you the title track ‘Volair’ which is bursting out with a bouncing bassline, ethereal voices, and rhythmic and wailing synth lines.

‘Volair + Remixes’ EP is coming out under the So Solid Records and will be available from 14th of September.

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