PREMIERE: Kapoor – Tel Aviv


Next release on Wildfang Music is Kapoor's return with a new 10 track album 'Another Way To Heaven'

Coming from Poland, Kamil Mokrzanowski, better known as Kapoor, is sharing his own definition of electronic music – mixture of progressive, deep, and especially oriental, world, downtempo sounds. He has already released his music under the labels such as Casa Coas, Ohxala Records, Otake Records, Wildfang and trndmusik.

Now, Kapoor is back on Wildfang Music with the 10 track album called ‘Another Way To Heaven’.

With its deep sounds with slow and dirty grooves, and melancholic melodies in harmonic structures, ‘Another Way To Heaven’ album is a showcase into how heaven may sound like. Kapoor put a lot of heart in this album, to demonstrate against fear and to free his mind, to fight, to forget and to dream. A wonderful story is the product of this time.

“‘Another Way To Heaven’ is the story about the last 8 months of my life. I’ve met beautiful people after I had very bad time in my life. Sometimes the universe can put on your ways amazing souls who can helps you get up…

Why did I choose the title ‘Another Way To Heaven’?

Everyone has got his own heaven. For me it was music..”

We present you the second track of Kapoor’s journey – ‘Tel Aviv’.

‘Another Way To Heaven’ will be available from 25th of September HERE.

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