PREMIERE: Em Six – Resolution


UNER’s label Solar Distance presents ‘Out of Design’, a cinematic EP of melodic house from fresh faced duo Em Six.

Em Six consists of Joe Andrew and Sam Wills, who each have a rich background in music. Sam Wills is a mastering engineer who’s been behind the scenes working on music from people like Noir, Sasha, Armand Van Helden and even David Guetta. Joe Andrew is a skilled musician whose spent years touring Europe and North America as a guitarist in a successful band called Waylayers.

Joe’s honed ear for melody and Sam’s proven skills at mixing music in a commercial music studio combine seamlessly to create music that has real moments of reflection, but still hits hard as dancefloor tracks.

‘Out of Design’ EP is their Em Six debut release and making breathtaking house music it’s hard to imagine a more perfect start.

We present to you the third track ‘Resolution’ and its murky aesthetic with brooding synths and sparse notation of the lead melody. Slow building and ominous it’s perfectly sculpted structure unfolds with an oddly comforting sense of suspense.

‘Out of Design’ will be available from 5th of October HERE.

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