PREMIERE: Hex Wolves – Leveling Judgement (Ashes Remix)


NOX fires off 'Typical People II', the second part in a doubleheader by Hex Wolves

A record label imagined in Berlin, fueled by sound, NOX is furthering the experience of electronic music.

Now, NOX fires off ‘Typical People II’, the second part in a doubleheader by Hex Wolves; with remixes by Ashes and Suzanne.

We present to you the broken form rhythms of Ashes and his fiery, industrial-laced remix of ‘Leveling Judgment’. Backed by inverted genre beats and a pulsating bass; with a gothic-esque string section for added seduction.

‘Typical People II’ will be available from 19th of October.

Ashes [SC | FB]

Hex Wolves [SC | FB]

NOX [SC | BC | FB]