PREMIERE: Distant – Der Damm (Forest People Replant)


Techno, acid, rave and breakbeat on the first release of TERRA FURRIA, a new project from Argentina

TERRA FURIA, a new project from Argentina, is seeking to unify the techno music of the country under one place. Operating as online magazine and a record label, TERRA FURIA will connect artist, clubs and the people with music and any type of activity that generates a significant change in the scene.

The first release of TERRA FURIA is signed by the founder, Argentinian DJ and producer Distant from Cordoba. Techno, acid, rave and breakbeat EP, ‘Damm, Aufpasser & Mörder’, is complemented with remixes by Earthscape, The Chronics and Forest People, which we are about to present.

Forest People’s ‘replant’ of the track ‘Der Damn’ is an hyper-combination of techno, industrial and breakbeat. From softer to harder forms of glitches and psychedelic vortexes of sound, to melancholic synths spinning in reverse and walls of distortion, the Bosnian producer created a story of the intense trip with an acidic twist.

‘Damm, Aufpasser & Mörder’ will be available from 16th of November.

Distant [SC | FB]

Forest People [SC | FB]