PREMIERE: Damien Fisher – My Turn (Raul Facio Remix)


Damien Fisher reveals his innerness for Curiosity Music with the help of Marwan Sabb and Raul Facio

Next on Curiosity Music is Damien Fisher, a twenty-six-year old producer and founder of Oculus Records. Settled in Spain for fifteen years, the Bristol native discovered and fell in love with the underground culture. As a result of this passion, his new EP ‘Inner Stream’ drives the listener into a world of suspense, both intense, minimal, abstract, dark and percussive.

Damien Fisher is exclusively dedicated to music, always looking for new sounds, new textures, new colours. “I would not describe myself as a musician or technically gifted in musical structures but my relation to music comes deep within. The feeling when certain frequencies resonate through you… This is what inspires me,” he says. These low frequencies give a conductive line between the different tracks of his ‘Inner Stream’ EP. However, this does not prevent the listener from getting lost in a dark and haunting atmosphere, where the sounds gradually diffuse, cymbals and drops catching always more our curiosity. “The tracks are named after a feeling, an experience or thought process. From there the music is made. I never have an idea of what it will sound like before I sit down but I have a feeling and the sounds and frequencies in that moment that resonate through me are eventually what are laid down in the project,” he explains. For him, music is also a way of finding himself and escaping the vicissitudes of everyday life: “I consider myself to be very competitive, I like to test myself a lot of the time to exceed my own expectations. However, my mind can often be too active, so composing music allows me to be completely in the moment and that is when inspiration can really flow, when you disconnect from the craziness of our world.”

‘Inner Stream’ EP is coming with four tracks and remixes from Marwan Sabb and Raul Facio, which you can listen below.

‘Inner Stream’ EP will be available from 26th November HERE.

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