PREMIERE: Raisell – Twarz (Main Leaf Remix)


WOOD, a label born to promote dark and emotional electronic music, is presenting a new compilation series 'Connections'

WOOD, a label based in Barcelona, is born to promote dark and emotional electronic music. From 2015 label have more than 30 releases from many artists including MockBeat, Faraday, Aree, Jordi Castillo, Sarcasmo, Th Moy, Guido Cusani, Fractal Architect, Words of Niō and label boss Main Leaf. Now, WOOD presents ‘Connections’, a new compilation series.

“One of the fundamental parts of our reality is that we provide immediate value to a new connection. We believe that it’s part of our essential needs and this means that the moment we identify a way to share with somebody, we take action. Our roots are constantly crossing each other creating new tales of vibrations, characterized by deep soundscapes and solid grooves. The unions of these species today is the result of a new compilation of remixes called ‘Connections’.” 

‘Connections – Vol.1’ includes a full Italian line up, remixes by Guido Cusani, Simon Prod, Rob Ademat and Main Leaf.

We present to you Main Leaf’s melodic and deep remix of the track ‘Twarz’ by Raisell. From the beginning, track is slowly evolving in to celestial, soft soundscapes, surrounded by a cheeky deep groove. After long pause in the middle of this music story, Main Leaf drops in to a sharp and liquid mental moment.

‘Connections – Vol.1’ VA will be available from 26th of November HERE.

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