PREMIERE: SDB – Restrepo (Repro’s Full Throttle Mix)


Moving, forceful and energetic 'Restrepo' EP is coming on Märked, with remixes from AERT and Repro

A label born as a rave party in Amsterdam, Märked is “bringing underground techno to light”. Their newest release, moving, forceful and energetic, ‘Restrepo’ EP is a deep dive of power techno at it’s finest with remixes form AERT and Repro, whose remix of the title track we are now presenting.

‘Restrepo’ is characterised by hypnotic piano play going back and forth through the height of the notes. Playing with tension and releasing a lot of energy built on a steady base of groove, the filter on the synth gradually opens up as the track progresses. Repro gives it a Copenhagen touch with more speed and grit. An extra layer of fast noisy texture is added for more hysteria, living up to the ‘Full Throttle’ title.

Supported by Laurent Garnier, Paula Temple, Svreca, Pan-Pot, Cleric and Mørbeck, ‘Restrepo’ EP will be available after the 13th of February HERE.


Repro [SC | FB]

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