PREMIERE: Not Mass – Born To Resist


Techno, EBM, acid, electro, breaks and more, on TERRA FURIA's 'Rage Of Nature' VA compilation

Online magazine and label TERRA FURIA is unifying the techno music of Argentina. After their first release from the boss Distant, they announced ‘Rage Of Nature’, their first various artist compilation. A delicate selection of tracks, from start to finish it sails between different facets of techno, EBM, acid, electro, breaks and more, featuring 10 tracks from Ghost Effects, War Scenes, Æmris, Distant, Tullia Benedicta, End Train, Sarasvat, Tekra, The Unborn Child and Not Mass, which we are presenting now.

Italian Not Mass arises from the desire to experiment with harder and darker sounds. His music productions have been released under labels including Eclectic Limited and Sional in varying styles such as acid, electro, techno and industrial.

‘Born To Resist’ is a sweltering combination of intensity and hypnosis, where the broken beat and it’s variations add a rhythmic flair to this moody atmospheric jam.

With support from many artist including Etapp Kyle, In Aeternam Vale, Borusiade and Slam, ‘Rage Of Nature’ VA compilation will be available after the 10th of February HERE.

Not Mass [SC | FB]