PREMIERE: Serkan Eles – Emotion


Submarine Vibes, a deep house label from Sarajevo ran by Hibrid, proudly presents its new release, ‘Dreamer’ EP from Turkish producer Serkan Eles.

Serkan Eles entered the world of music as a guitar player in 2002. A few years later, intrigued by the possibilities of electronic music, he discovered new ways of expressing himself. It did not take long for Serkan to start producing electronic music with motifs of his homeland that are uniquely shaped into a modern club sound. Ethnic, electronica, ambiance, downtempo, tribal, world and deep house are his styles. He has published his own music for many labels including Acker Records, Merkaba Music, and also he runs his own label Eles Records.

‘Dreamer’ EP includes four original tracks, which are a perfect mix of intricate oriental sounds and club grooves. We are presenting the second track, feel theĀ ‘Emotion’.

‘Dreamer’ EP will be available from 18th of February HERE.

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