PREMIERE: Muzikalist – Train To Dance


Techno and EBM cut taken from 'Special International', the first VA compilation of Russian underground label Hypnotic Connection

We already know Russian retrofuturistic psychonaut Muzikalist back from 2017. when we premiered his track ‘Activate Your Heart’, a cut from his ‘Hypnotic Connection’ EP which was published under the label Traipalium Corp.

Now, Eugene Efimenko aka Muzikalist started his own label that’s focused on underground dance music. From the westernmost city in Russia, Hypnotic Connection is announcing its second release. With elegant synth motifs, banger acid house, electro, techno and raw EBM sounds, the ‘Special International’ various artist compilation features Urban Dust, Sector Four, Emi.Te, Pontus Sjöblom, Jordan Freak & Alina Vaulina, Baz Reznik, Synkronized, Snuffo Caprithy, Cautiverio and Muzikalist, artists from Mexico, Sweden, Germany, Holland and Russia.

We present to you the 6th track from Kaliningrad one and only Muzikalist. ‘Train To Dance’ is in essence an experimentation of techno, with a slow-mo groove and raw, slicing hi-hats that gently fade in and out of prominence to begin proceedings. Shortly through this melancholic journey gothic, droning tones hijack the focus before disappearing back into the depths, allowing the pitter-patter synth stabs to return and push the momentum forward to get this eerie train back on track…

‘Special International’ VA compilation will be available from the 15th of February HERE.

Muzikalist [SC | FB]

Hypnotic Connection [SC | BC | FB]