PREMIERE: Fym – Isotape Chameleon


Titonton Duvante’s label Residual Recordings kicks off 2019 with the ‘Boys Pharaoh Space Dagger’ EP from Fym, co-founder of the label Boogizm.

Having previously released his music under various labels including Daniel Bell’s 7th City, Circus Company, Telegraph, LMML, and Veniceberg, Fym aka German producer Manutchehr Ghassemlou, is a man well versed in crafting supple, discerning and always intriguing house and techno cuts.

We are presenting the second track, ‘Isotape Chameleon’. Much like its title alludes to, there’s a few different colours that abound through. A clever and different sounding track of a deep house variety, it’s full of zippy synths and an unconventional baseline of the sort that’s in keeping with the label’s reputation for imaginative sounds.

It’s no joke, ‘Boys Pharaoh Space Dagger’ EP will be available from the 1st of April HERE.

Fym [SC | FB]

Residual Recordings [SC | FB]