PREMIERE: Marco Uson – Bell Trip (Nasca Remix – Short Edit)


Uzons Records’ sixth release, ‘Bell Trip’ single EP, is in fact a short edit remix of the label boss Marco Uson’s track ‘Bell Trip’ from Paris based producer Nasca.

The Colombian/Spanish producer Marco Uson is known for his releases on labels like Resopal Schallware, Fehler Musik and Uzons Records. His music have been supported by some of the biggest artists around the globe including Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Joseph Capriati and Cristian Varela.

On the other side, Nasca has published his music under the super exquisite German label Traum Schallplatten which has just celebrated 20 years of existence. He has also made a remix for the fast moving Montreal based label Plaisirs Sonores.

We are presenting ‘Bell Trip (Nasca Remix – Short Edit)’, a beautiful storytelling techno soundscape!

‘Bell Trip’ single EP will be available from the 5th of April HERE.

Marco Uson [SC | FB]

Nasca [SC | FB]

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