PREMIERE: Ghost Effects – Black Witness


C O U P, a label and music channel from the underground of Turkey, is presenting its fourth release from the Frenchman Ghost Effects, after having artist like OGUZ, 14anger, 2+2=5 and Less Distress.

“Satan is my Bitch”, says this young and talented music producer Ghost Effects aka MSKD. Heavily influenced by rave at the age of 16, and the ’90s techno from Detroit, Chicago, London and Berlin, he published his music under the labels ERADYS Records, D4-MACHINE, TERRA FURRIA and KTK RECORDS.

Now, with the strong feeling of the ’90s, Ghost Effect delivers ‘Eternal Disaster’ EP, three tracks of modern-day techno weaponry, complemented with the remix from the German CORROID.

We are presenting the second track ‘Black Witness’ that is dark and thumping, catering the airwaves with a gothic vibe from droning synths and perpetual pulses from laser like acid tones. The metallic touches and glints later subside for crashing claps and flashes of hi-hats. Intense interesting, this is a stunningly engineered production.

‘Eternal Disaster’ EP will be available from the 15th of April HERE.

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