PREMIERE: Sanjib – Sincerity Channel


Oslated, an underground label based in Seoul in South Korea ran by Jongmin Lee, proudly presents their eight release, ‘Distant Communion’ EP from the French artist Sanjib, who will take you into a world of authenticity between ambient and dub-techno.

In 2015 Jibis revealed another facet of his talent with Sanjib, a side-project dedicated to put forward a music of listening, of travel. An almost spiritual project, seeking to open your senses, to make you feel the music differently. After he published his music under the label such as Lett Records and Warok Music, including his first album ‘From Earth to Heaven’, he is back on Oslated.

‘Distant Communion’ EP is inspired by a distant relationship and focused on mysterious and melancholic feel on this way. Voices remember us a presence, and tracks show us musically the extension of a relation, with sincerity and energy of spirit.

We are presenting the third track ‘Sincerity Channel’, a deep voyage into ambient and dub techno.

‘Distant Communion’ EP, which contains three original tracks and remixes from Shaded Explorer, Abismal, Romi, Saphileaum, Nigm and Javier Marimon, will be available after the 29th of April.

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