PREMIERE: Dysart – Deep Roll


Carl Cox is an industry figurehead who’s legacy in music includes his iconic label Intec Digital, which he runs with friend and business partner Jon Rundell, and this new release, ‘Waiting’ EP, is the return of Dysart.

Darren Emerson was the first to discover the talent that is Dysart when he signed him to his label Detone, and after that it wasn’t long before Dense & Pika made him a main feature on their highly acclaimed Kneaded Pains imprint.

Dysart also featured on Intec in 2018 when he dropped the ‘Forza’ EP which was a popular release leading to this highly anticipated follow up from the talented UK producer.

Along with production and Djing, Dysart also founded and runs the London based Scrutton Street Studios which is used by many global artists ranging from Dave Seaman to label boss Jon Rundell plus many more.

We are presenting the second track of the ‘Waiting’ EP, ‘Deep Roll’, which keeps on the same dark vibe with a juddering low end and mechanical off-beat rhythm. Full of things that go bump in the night, there is an unnerving intensity that subdues only for the pads of the main breakdown and before hammering home with another percussive onslaught.

‘Waiting’ EP will be available after the 12th of July HERE.

Dysart [SC | FB]

Intec Digital [SC | YT | FB]