PREMIERE: Mediane – Odon


Since its birth in 2017 VOLPHONIE has established its authentic nature and obstinacy, a trans-generational approach focused on the search for an upright and powerful techno with EPs by Scan X, Blicz and Solaxid. For its next release, the label welcomes Mediane with a full EP ‘Odon’.

Originally from Caen, Normandy, Mediane duo decided to dedicate ‘Odon’ EP to their hometown and offer four outstanding techno tracks showcasing their mixture of styles: sulphurous and aggressive deep techno with more acidic and devastating sounds.

We are presenting the title track ‘Odon’. Odon is a river that runs west of Caen and joins the river Orne. We can find the fluidity and the inexorable progress in this track crossing different soundscapes and making us travel for almost six minutes.

‘Odon’ EP will be available after the 3rd of September.

Mediane [SC | FB]