PREMIERE: Sam Shure – Not Much To Say


A natural for stirring melodies, Amsterdam-based Sam Shure channels his all-around manifold array of talents into his debut album ‘Laconia’ for Stil Vor Talent, following standout releases on Stil Vor Talent, Mukke and Bar 25 Music.

“My first studio album ‘Laconia’ gave me the freedom to try different genres and styles. This has partially pushed me to my limits, but above all, I have been able to learn a lot, also for further productions. Each song tells a little story that was mainly inspired by the different places of my travels because I like to capture ideas on the go and put them into practice in the studio.” Sam Shure.

With its versatile moods yet compact constructions, ‘Laconia’ is a self-fulfilling prophecy. The album features ten tracks that draw on Sam’s jazzy Egyptian roots while staying grounded in his usual melodic, mood-heavy aesthetic. With its warm tones, hazy pads and smart basslines, it creates a perfect ambiance for deep set dancefloors.

‘Laconia’ features collaborations with fellow producers Cioz and Cook Strummer, as well as a special apparition by Sam’s paternal figure Basem Darwisch playing the oud on ‘Mirage’.

We are presenting eight track, more experimental self-evident ‘Not Much To Say’.

‘Laconia’ will be available after the 20th of September HERE.

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