PREMIERE: WNDRLST – I Have Sinned, Your Turn


The Meaning Of Rave is a Polish collective and upcoming label, which states that everybody has their own definition of rave. For them, it is a fast-paced industrial techno sound around 140 bpm with deep and emotional melody.

Their first release, ‘The Meaning Of Rave VA001’, is a 12-track various artist compilation featuring original music from Fraktur, DYEN, WNDRLST, Veronique, Rephate, Absurd, Denizens, Jan Vercauteren, OBCDN, ChanĂ©, The Dag and NTBR.

We are presenting ‘I Have Sinned, Your Turn’ from a 25 year old Rotterdam-based DJ and producer WNDRLST. It’s an industrial techno track with detuned synths and rhythmic percussion combining simplicity with complexity.

‘The Meaning Of Rave VA001’, already supported by some of the biggest names including Dax J, Amelie Lens, Endlec and Regal, will be available after the 20th of September HERE.


The Meaning Of Rave [SC | BC | FB]