PREMIERE: Scaarlet – The River


No Suit Records, a label with moto “music matters the most”, is presenting a new series of split EPs, offering a wider color palette, stretching styles and genres. First in the series is ‘Spill The Tea’, a six track EP evenly split between Cabasa and Scaarlet.

“Lost souls or flowers of hope, lurking into light and darkness, no one knows who Scaarlet are. The only certitude is that they always play with boundaries and enact performances between syncopated melodies, cut-up sounds, wavy basslines and deep atmospheric sounds.”

Scaarlet takes the B side of ‘Spill The Tea’ EP, merging drum & bass and techno influences into a politically and socially engaged music.

‘My Man’ translates the raw energy of riots and rebellion, powering a fusion of drum & bass and techno. ‘The River’ resumes some of the Yakuza women tattoos symbolism into a romantic pulsating 170ish bpm vibe. ‘Advertising’ is an open critic of the fast fashion world and the supremacy of commercial communication, mixing polyrhythm with a straight drum & bass kick drum. To sum up this release, ‘Baltimore’ reports the current situation of Maryland’s main city, painting the moody and somehow violent atmosphere of the area.

We are presenting ‘The River’.

‘Spill The Tea’ EP will be available after the 16th of October HERE.

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