PREMIERE: Alessandro Nero – Ability For Morbidity


Kindcrime Recordings, a label focused on dark, moving and industrial side of techno, is presenting ‘De/ath III: Terrore’, a four track EP from label boss Alessandro Nero, which is coming with the remix from Berlin-based Keepsakes.

Berlin-based Italian DJ and producer Alessandro Nero is “a morbid take on industrial techno, besides being a Vietnam veteran in modular synthesis combat.” He has published his original music under the labels OBSCUUR, WarinD, Voight-Kampff and Kindcrime.

We are presenting the third track from ‘De/ath III: Terrore’ EP, ‘Ability For Morbidity’, an aggressive stance on techno with a clear industrial influence and thundering kick drum and heavy metal feel.

‘De/ath III: Terrore’ EP will be available from the 14th of October HERE.

Alessandro Nero [SC | FB]

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