VIDEO: Buzdovan – Darkest Pitch

A former member of Croatian electro / techno outfits How Convinient and Trieste, Buzdovan developed a well-defined artistic signature combining the sensual disco rhythms with the rusty acid & EBM aesthetics on his upcoming EP “Darkest Pitch” for Adriatiko Recordings.

The title track invokes an eerie atmosphere through a damp and musty post-industrial intro rising from the depths, along with a diggin’ bassline and a synth phrase that sound like coming from a dusty cellar of some Soviet counterpart of Jean Michel Jarre, filled with smuggled oscillators. Control is taken by a heavy industrial disco rhythm, accompanied by a repetiton of a vocal line that says “desire” – darkness of inspiration lies in a corporeal lust. Throughout the arrangement, the Gothic overtones rise from the orchestra of spooks, washed with reverb.

The video retrieves some motifs from Buzdovan’s “submarine” project Trieste, only here they weren’t painted with the aesthetics of deep house, but with post-industrial / electro textures. Dirty and distorted as the track itself, it seems that the video depicts a nuclear testing in the middle of the ocean. Taking in account the sexual connotations of this song, we can only imagine the content of this metaphore.

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The Ep “Darkest Pitch” is about to be released April 1st on Adriatiko Recordings – grab it on the label’s Bandcamp or in the prominent digital stores.

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