PREMIERE: Apollo’s Messengers & EKDK – Denor

The EP “Order To Madness” is a new endeavor by two mysterious Spanish deep/tech acts Apollo’s Messengers & EKDK. The name of the release suggests an invertion of the ancient Latin phrase ordo ab chao, therefore reflecting the ancient unsolvable paradox of a human soul. Its platform is the new label called iLogic, which assumes the task to “explore the intersections between technology, art and electronic music” and “support the creative process of emerging artists contributing a high added value to their creations”. The entire release is marked by the play of light and shadow, yet here we’ll focus on one particular track, called “Denor“.

Despite the somewhat classic deep / techno aesthetic, pretty soon into the track one can sense that there’s something hiding behind the somber gothic pads and the clanging percussions. It’s not about a particular sound or the arrangement, but some haunting presence is certainly hanging above this dramatic tale. Halfway through the track, a soft bassline emerges to calmly collect the energy produced by the preceding tension. It’s a long yet satisfying journey which provides the DJ an opportunity for extended cross-mixing of the tracks and adding some dark, emotional spice to the dancefloor.

The EP contains another original track called “Hysteria“, which is slightly more upbeat, and its two remixes – one by Erly Tepshi, which is quite lyrical, and one by Against The Time, which provides some twisted industrial techno flavors. “Order To Madness” is about to be released March 31st, courtesy of iLogic.

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