Klubikon x ŽIVA MUZIKA – Late Dinner MIX


A young Croatian artist Late Dinner opens the mix with Tim Hecker to unveil his credentials, but the rest of the voyage is comprised exclusively of his own work. Ethereal soundscapes woven in solitude pierce emotional shields with sharp sonic edges, only to soothe the open wounds with gentle, wordless nursery rhymes. Not safe for work – best enjoyed alone or among your kind.

01. Tim Hecker – Dungeoneering
02. Late Dinner & Kettősség – Grønne øjne, sort sind.
03. kettosség – 79 48 32 (Late Dinner Edit)
04. Late Dinner – Morning cold, Morning clear. (from DKMNT #1 CS)
05. Late Dinner – And when it was finally done, I knew I’ve seen too much
06. kettosség – 79 48 32 (Late Dinner Edit)

Read Late Dinner’s interview HERE.

Late Dinner [SC]