"Without a doubt the most hypnotic track I've ever done before"

Marc Martinez Nadal, the owner of the Sincopat label, has been working meticulously on his sound since 2008, letting a plethora of sounds, places, people and cultures shape his alias AFFKT under which the Spanish producer has been freely experimenting ever since, developing his own heterogeneous and energetic style.

Mixing the best features of the electronic music he grew up listening to, AFFKT has been releasing his unique sound for labels such as Suara, Toolroom, Kling Klong & Noir Music, Selador and Sincopat. In one word, the Spanish producer has dedicated his work to the synthesis of various influences, which makes him stand out among today’s stereotypes.

AFFKT announces new techno EP “Vertigo”, a debut for Sian’s modern techno music label Octopus Recordings from Barcelona, precisely for its sublabel Octopus Black. The EP consists of three tracks: “Monopol”, “Triangle” and hypnotic “Vertigo”. Listen to the premiere of “Vertigo” and read how author perceives it:

“Vertigo” is without a doubt the most hypnotic track I’ve ever done before; the idea from the very beginning was to clearly transmit a pure feeling of vertigo:

Illusory feeling that external things are rotating or moving around one or that it is oneself that is circling in space; it is due to an alteration of the organs of the ear that regulate the balance of the central nervous system.

But sometimes, many times in fact, not even the words are close to describe the music I feel, “Vertigo” is a track which you can feel in many different ways, depending on how you are at any given time, so better let’s forget about definitions and do this: close your eyes and dance!

Sian’s sound is an inspiration for me, so I’m personally really proud of my first EP for Octopus, which describes my darkest & Techno side, although not only that. 🙂

EP “Vertigo” will be released on 20th November as courtesy of Octopus Recordings / Octopus Black, preorder HERE.

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