PREMIERE: SpunOff – Galaxia

The "Solar Wind" EP is to be released under the Tripalium Corp’s Digital Mutant Series, a sonic trip into light, yet never too far from darkness

Next to publish under the label Tripalium Corp is a dedicated explorer and experimenter, the french producer Alexandre Oliviero aka SpunOff, known for his multifaceted powerful techno sound combined with elements of industrial and ambient music.

He grew up in Brittany, starting his music career with a rock band, but was quick to abandon the stage as a teenager under the influence of Aphex Twin. The French artist started exploring his own electronic sound within the four walls of his room, barricaded behind decks, creating a contemporary schizophrenic mixture of different genres – techno, trance, jungle, minimal, house, ambient and noise.

After already releasing under labels such as Champ Libre and Stratos, SpunOff’s new EP “Solar Wind”, consisting of four tracks and two remixes by Size Pier and 3-Pi, is to be published under the Tripalium Corp’s Digital Mutant Series.

From “Adagio” to “Luminance”, the EP “Solar Wind” is a sonic trip into the light, but never too far from darkness, perfectly reflected in the second track “Galaxia” brought to you exclusively by Klubikon:

Starting from May 22nd you will be able to buy a cassette and digital release HERE, whose odd artwork is signed by Raphaël Armin d’Ibelin & Yann Alexis Arthaud.

What is more, we have already honor to present music from L/F/D/M, Rubishs T.C and Muzikalist from Digital Mutant Series.