Klubikon Podcast 130 – Art Of Tones

Ludovic Llorca aka Art Of Tones is the owner of cult albums from 90s and 00s, ‘Newcommer’ and ‘The Garden’. Llorca has been releasing on the labels such as F Communications, PIAS, 20:20 Vision and Phonica, and his tracks are played by some of the biggest artist in the music industry.

What follows is an Klubikon interview before his performance at Voi’Sa festival on the Croatian island of Brač. For this occasion Llorca also recorded an exclusive studio mix for Klubikon Podcast, that he has described like this:

“It’s always a bit weird to record a dance music podcast home alone, after all, it’s a kind of music to be played and shared in clubs with many people. So, when I record a podcast I see it as an opportunity to play some of the recent tracks I like the most. It’s like a snapshot of my current musical taste. Except that, as you’re not in the club you don’t get the dance floor’s energy, and I think this is why podcasts always sound a little bit more mellow than usual club sets.”

Read the full Art Of Tones Klubikon interview in Croatian HERE.

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