PREMIERE: Ataman Live – Injun

Another chance, another dance – this is the motto that has accompanied Jaw Dropping Records since its start just a few months ago. Although they only had a few releases in the JAW catalogue, they are confident enough to already showcase the original Jaw Dropping sound with two amazing compilations. ‘Another Chance’ and ‘Another Dance’ compile 30 tracks by artists they love and admire, selected by label boss Rachel Raw.

‘Another Chance’ is compiled with 15 track of the original music from Christian Bonori, Brian Gros, Nicolas Cuer, The Journey, Pantheon, Aerton, Aiho, Paul Feris, Coppola, Joe Fisher, Rabo, Traumata, Eclept, Despoin, Ataman Live, Jorek, Oliver Nagel, Hafenkande, Universe 7 and Ataman Live, whose track we are presenting now.

Ivan Ataman and Svetlana Ataman are Ataman Live, an Ukrainian live act music duo, who only play author music, which they call Subagh Minimal. They have published their original music under many labels including PHOBIA and Natura Viva Black.

We are presenting ‘Injun’, minimal deep tech track from Ataman Live.

‘Another Chance’ VA compilation will be available after the 17th of June HERE.

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