PREMIERE: Soft Collision – Perseverance Valley

Play Function Issues, a sublabel of Back Door Records, is presenting ‘Perseverance Valley’, the debut EP from Colombian DJ and producer Soft Collision.

Soft Collision is the new project of the Medellín-based selector Callejas, which slides off from the sound that he has been recognized by since the beginning. Going through an old school techno and EBM based identity, his sound is mainly led by a deep comprehension of sonic landscapes with vertical singularities, nourished by artists as Shed, Tadeo, Answer Code Request, Merino, Dsum and Morris.

‘Perseverance Valley’ EP consists of five original tracks in which one can find IDM, drone, electro, and techno. All of them crouched by a mental air and zigzagging rhythms.

We are presenting the title track ‘Perseverance Valley’.

‘Perseverance Valley’ EP will be available after the 13th of December HERE.

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