PREMIERE: Trulz & Robin feat. Baseman – Eyes For U

After moonlighting in the atmospheric recesses of techno as KSMSK, Trulz & Robin return to their eponymous alias to rekindle an old partnership with Baseman for two tracks on ‘Eyes For You’ EP. The trio reunite for the first time since their 2005 collaborative LP, ‘Intersexual’, stepping right back into the groove that lingered at the end of their last outing together.

“We had two tracks that were almost ready and felt it would be amazing to get some wild vocals on them, so we called Baseman. Got him in the box and everything flowed like in the old days. We did two takes with him, just improvising and we had everything we needed.” – Trulz & Robin

Fuzzy 303 basslines relieved from their lysergic associations and infectious rhythms, coaxed from energetic drum machines, bounce through ‘Eyes For U’ and ‘Thermo Dancer’ while Baseman’s vocal scatterings dust the individual pieces in some freeform word associations that land on abstract rhythmical touchstones through the two tracks.

We are presenting ‘Eyes For U’.

‘Eyes For U’ EP will be available after the 13th of December HERE.

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