PREMIERE: Alexander Church – Grief & Loss (James Welsh Version)

Alexander Church continues to establish his vital Configurations of Self label with a new collaborative project with James Welsh, ‘Exploring Fear & Sadness’.

Alexander Church is an adventurous artist who has been in the scene since the mid-nineties. He has made everything from melodic soundscapes to industrial techno under a range of aliases and always draws inspiration from his own deep thinking and desire to tell a personal story.

This new project, ‘Exploring Fear & Sadness’, is an introduction to a series of collaborations between Church and James Welsh. This is Part 1, with Part 2 coming a month later and two further EPs later in 2020 which will aim to highlight PTSD through music and a VR experience.

“Each track in this series aims to propel the listener into different thoughts and experiences aimed at exploring our own fears and sadness” says Church.

We are presenting the second track, James Welsh version of ‘Grief & Loss’.

James Welsh has been making inventive electronic sounds on labels like Phantasy Sounds, among others for many years. He always layers up enveloping bass and skyward synths into highly intoxicating and avant garde tracks. Here he reworks ‘Grief & Loss’ into a cosmic techno adventure with hi-tek soul and intricately layered synths all soaring and gliding.

‘Exploring Fear & Sadness Part 1’ EP will be available after the 10th of March HERE.

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