PREMIERE: Ray Kajioka – Dark Horse

After Us Records, a young techno label that emerged from Croatia in 2018, is presenting ‘SUBSEQUENT’ various artist compilation. Label’s mainframe is electronic music with few genre limitations although different styles of techno music are the link here.

‘SUBSEQUENT’ VA is filled with pounding and deep beats but also melodic and Detroit-esque chords on the flipside, featuring four original tracks from Petter B, Perø, Ray Kajioka and Bosnyak.

We are presenting arguably the most melodic part of the ‘SUBSEQUENT’ VA, the third track ‘Dark Horse’. Ray Kajioka pulls another sweet sheet of warm melodic and rhythmic blend and does it stunningly while drawing a simple but perfect toms sequence around it. With a lush synth in front, the track is almost ominous and memory provoking and every rimshot feels like fast forward to the next glimpse of forgotten situations. This is what progressive music is all about.

With a distinguishable and striking warm spheric sound, Ray Kajioka’s production span is now 25 years and in that time he managed to release music on labels such as Kanzleramt, Cocoon, Müller to name a few. He is also no stranger on remixing duty which intersected him with names like Joel Mull, Heiko Laux, Truncate, Victor Calderone, Tom Hades, Pan-Pot, Elbee Bad, Alexander Kowalski, DJ T1000, Eddie Hale, Housemeister, Beroshima and more.

‘SUBSEQUENT’ VA will be available in June HERE.

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