Klanglos – The Breakdown (Exclusive Album Mix)

German DJ and producer Klanglos is presenting its second album ‘The Breakdown’ published on his label Error Records.

Mannheim-based Klanglos is well known in Germany and beyond because of his techno track ‘Hard Times’ as well as for his remix of the track ‘Another Love’ from Tom Odell.

Consisting of 24 tracks, ‘After The Breakdown’ is complemented with remixes from Ben Dust, Sound & Temper, Mollycule and Patrick Hero.

What’s the idea behind the album’s creation?

The idea behind my new album with the title ‘The Breakdown’ is to have a large collection of different tracks that are mostly atmospheric and let the audience interpret their own story in every single production. It was important for me to express my whole potential in the studio and get everything together in this album, that’s why I decided to put 24 tracks on it. At the beginning the sound is quite soft with a lot of melodic elements and classic instruments. To the end, it gets much harder and faster with some acid, psy-trance elements and vocals. 

Listen to the ‘The Breakdown’ exclusive album mix and read the interview about the album with Klanglos HERE.

The Breakdown (Exclusive Album Mix) tracklist:

01. Klanglos – Discovery
02. Klanglos – Nobody Left But Us
03. Klanglos – Rise of the Guardians
04. Klanglos – The Breakdown
05. Klanglos – Dark Side of the Moon
06. Klanglos – Uranos
07. Klanglos – Monastery
08. Klanglos – When the World falls apart
09. Klanglos – Astronaut’s Journey
10. Klanglos – After the Breakdown
11. Klanglos – Remains of the Past
12. Klanglos – Polarization
13. Klanglos – Dance All Night
14. Klanglos – We Are Here
15. Klanglos – Will you Save us
16. Klanglos – On A Mission
17. Klanglos – Temple Of Osiris
18. Klanglos – A Spiritual Thing
19. Klanglos – Home (Rework)
20. Klanglos – Never Ending Journey

‘The Breakdown’ album is available HERE.

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